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Wir haben hier folgendes Phänomen:

PC mit Win XP Home wurde mit einer XP-Pro Systembuilder-CD auf Win XP Professional upgegradet.


Norton Antivirus ist auch installiert.

Seit ein paar Tagen gibt es unreproduzierbare Bluescreens mit einem Hinweis auf die Datei "naveng.sys".


MS Knowledge Base sagt u.a. folgendes:



This article was previously published under Q240309


If you disable antivirus software programs from scanning or filtering files on your computer, you must also disable the filter drivers. Many issues with file transfering and printing can be resolved by disabling the active filters for antivirus programs. However, simply stopping the services associated with the software is not enough. You must also manually stop the device drivers for those filters. To do this for Windows NT:


1. Click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, and then double-click Devices.

2. Select the drivers in the Device list, and then click Stop.


NOTE: The actual Symantec filter driver is called "symevent.sys".


To do this for Windows 2000:


1. Right click My Computer and click Properties.

2. Click the Hardware tab and click the Device Manager button.

3. Click the View menu and click Show Hidden Devices.

4. Expand Non-Plug and Play Drivers to find the Antivirus drivers.

5. Right click on the correct driver and click Disable.

6. Restart your computer.



Here are the names of some of the common antivirus program device names by product:


* Inoculan V.4.00 - INO_FLPY and INO_Fltr

.* Norton V.5.0 - NAVAP, NAVENG, and NAVEX15 (for Microsoft Exchange Server)

* McAfee V.4.03a - NaiFiltr and NaiFsRec


For more information about a specific antivirus program, please contact the vendor of that software



Klingt ja fast so, als würde Norton das Problem verursachen...


Oder, wie seht Ihr das?

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Der letzte Beitrag zu diesem Thema ist mehr als 180 Tage alt. Bitte erstelle einen neuen Beitrag zu Deiner Anfrage!

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