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WSUS Windows 10 1909

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habe nen Wsus auf einen Windows Server 2012R2 laufen. Bei Produkten kann ich die Updates für 1903 aber 1909 gibt es hier nicht. Muss ich hier noch ein Update für den Wsus einspielen oder MS mal wieder was geändert ?

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nein, du mußt Windows 1903 aktivieren, dann gibts auch die für 1909



Will a new product category be created for each future release of Windows 10 or Windows Server?

No. We plan to service future releases of Windows 10 and Windows Server with the Windows 10, version 1903 and later and Windows Server, version 1903 and later product categories.

Why does this category need to be manually configured in Configuration Manager, version 1902 and WSUS?

With Windows 10, version 1903, we are introducing new product categories to enable future support for the Unified Update Platform (UUP) for on-premises management solutions, which provides improved delivery technologies for Windows updates. A configuration change is, therefore, required for environments running the latest public release of Configuration Manager, as well as for environments using WSUS (without Configuration Manager) for updates. (Note: UUP for on-premises management solutions is not yet available. We will have future news regarding UUP, including a public preview, at a later date.)

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