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Hardware IDs für Intune benötigt

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wegen neuen Lenovo und HP Notebooks benötige ich die Hardware IDs für Intune. 

Kennt da jemand eine Vorgehensweise oder Quelle?

Danke vorab!

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Danke, interessanter Link.


Info: bei HP scheint es so zu laufen, d.h.  nach dem Kauf meldet man sich per Email mit den Geräte SNs  oder man erlaubt HP das im Auftrag bei Azure zu registrieren:


Zitat aus FAQ Worddatei , erhalten via Autopilot.requests@hp.com Anfrage:


Registration Process Options
Customer Self-Registration
Q: When is this option appropriate?
A: When an organization is still evaluating Autopilot deployment capabilities and options on a pre-production scale.  Most customers still employ this option.  HP provides a file with the unique identifiers (hardware Hash) for all specified devices.  The customer’s IT Administrator then uploads that file through Intune (up to 175 devices) or the Microsoft Store for Business (up to 1000 devices) per file, to complete the registration.
Q: How does a customer initiate this request for Autopilot device hash information?
A: To initiate a request for registration, some information is required.  
The key inputs are:
•      Customer’s HP order number (if available)
•      Customer Azure AD domain and tenant ID
•      Customer Azure AD contact name/email
•      Device serial numbers (single-column, comma-separated values text file) in an attached .csv file
Note: Alphabetic characters in the serial number must be in upper case.
Serial numbers must be limited to qualifying PC devices only.  Do not include displays, accessories etc.
Please refer to the flowchart on page #9 for a sequential process view.
At this time, all requests must be submitted in writing, to the HP Autopilot team, at Autopilot.requests@hp.com

Registration on behalf of Customer, via Partner Center


Q: Can HP register devices in Autopilot on the customer’s behalf in addition to the device hash program?
A: Yes. HP can register devices into a customer’s Azure tenant after establishing a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) relationship with that customer (not the reseller). The customer (or reseller acting as their agent) must request from HP, via the autopilot.requests@hp.com alias, to establish this relationship. The request must include the customer Azure AD domain and tenant ID plus, the customer Azure AD contact name and email.  It may also include the initial list of device serial numbers to be registered to that tenant.
     Unless the customer has already provided consent to HP (HP appears as a CSP in the customer’s Partner Center or Store for Business portal), HP will send a consent email to the customer Azure AD Admin, with a specific URL to respond to. By acknowledging this consent, the customer is agreeing to establish HP as a CSP with authorization to register PC devices into their tenant – only. No tenant admin rights will be requested or provided. Note that this process has changed to clarify the rights. 



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