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Eiene SQL Farge

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Hallo Leute,


könnte einer von euch mir bei der Frage helfen, bin mir bei der antwort nicht sicher!

Ich tendiere auf B (es über die Spalte zu suchen),

was meint ihr so?


You are a database developer for Company.com You are designing a query that calculates the

number of orders that were made on October 27, 2005.


The Orders table is designed as shown in the following display.


OderID (PK) OrderDate …

int datetime …


An index is defined on the OrderDate column. You need to design the query to provide the fastest


Which Transact-SQL query should you use?


A. SELECT COUNT(*) FROM OrdersWHERE OrderDate BETWEEN '2005-10-26T00:00:00'

AND '2005-10-28T00:00:00'

B. SELECT COUNT(*) FROM OrdersWHERE CONVERT(CHAR(8), OrderDate, 112) =


C. SELECT COUNT(*) FROM OrdersWHERE YEAR(OrderDate) = 2005 AND

MONTH(OrderDate) = 10

AND DAY(OrderDate) = 27

D. SELECT COUNT(*) FROM OrdersWHERE DATEDIFF(day, OrderDate, '20051027') = 0

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM OrdersWHERE OrderDate >= '20051027' AND OrderDate <




Vielen Danke!!!!

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