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w2k Server - Windows update

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> unfortunately, i have destroyed the windowsupdate client on w2k sp4

> server when trying to repair the client. as stated by various

> kb-articles i

> - cleared temporary internet files folder

> - cleared programs\windowsupdate folder except v4 folder (cleared its

> contents, too)

> - cleared winnt\softwaredistribution

> - unregistered iuctl.dll, deleted iuctl.dll and iuengine.dll

> - undeleted controls in winnt\downloaded program files (should better

> mow the meadow

> but administer a server).

> restarting the server and connecting to the wu-site, after a while

> comes up with the page stating that updated client software needs to

> be downloaded. download fails, as shows up 100% immediately and

> registers whatever (as nothing seems to be downloaded).

> any download

> in the next step of wu fails - a download list is build up correctly,

> but nothing can be downloaded, and then bye-bye. checking what has

> happened shows up, that the former deleted act.x-ctl´s in "downloaded

> program files" do not show up, at least one folder under software

> distrbution is missing. consequence: the wu-client dows not work at

> all.


> anybody there, who knows a solution other than reinstall ie on the server?

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Hallo brolek,


what kind of server is that machine ? Member or dc server ? Did you try to run SP4 again, this should fix the update prob also.


best regards,


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Geht es hier um einen WSUS-Client oder um einen WindowsUpdate/MicrosoftUpdate-Client?


Google bitte mal nach: "WindowsUpdateAgent20-x86.exe" und probiere dann ein


"WindowsUpdateAgent20-x86.exe /wuforce /quiet /norestart"


Dies sollte den WindowsUpdate-Agent wieder ins System prügeln. Hat bei mir immer funktioniert.

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Der letzte Beitrag zu diesem Thema ist mehr als 180 Tage alt. Bitte überlege Dir, ob es nicht sinnvoller ist ein neues Thema zu erstellen.

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