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DFS in Server 2003 R2 verursacht ständig Reboots

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I have 2 File&Print-Servers hosting Windows Server 2003 R2. The new DFS

has been installed as part of the R2 components. ADS scheme has been

succesfully updated.


As part of the DFS-Replication I have a folder called "Info" holding

approx 22.000 files using about 11.2GB of hard disk space. The staging

folder has beent set to 8192MB for this replication group. The 2

servers are connected through gigabit connections. Free hard disk space

on both servers is 400GB.


Server A holds the original data in folder "Info". Server B as been

prestaged using a recent backup done with Veritas BENT 9.1. Files on

both servers differ in about 100 files which have to be replicated from

Server A to Server B. The replication group between the 2 servers has

been configured successfully with Server A as "primary" and eventlog

states everything to be just fine.


After a few minutes DFSR starts staging the files which have to be

replicated and copies them to Server B. While replicating these files

Server A occasionally reboots every 20 minutes. The eventlog states

the EventID 6008 "The previous system shutdown at <time> on <date> was

unexpected.". No other errors have been recorded.


Searching these groups and the internet doesn't help much. I don't find

anything appropiate. Please help me as the new DFS features won't do no

good in this kind of state.


Thanks in advance


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Hi Alex and welcom on Board ;) ,


I tested DFS-Replication a few times but only in a testing enviroment with a small set of data ....


Please activate the Memory Dump (Kernel-Mini-Dump) and Load the dump file with the Windows Debugger...






BTW: Which Real-Time virus scanner is installed? You know that the virus scanner has to be compatible with DFS-R? => http://tinyurl.com/quy8k


EDIT: Deactivate Autorestart in the System properties to see the BSOD


Best Regards Kohn

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Hi Kohn,


many thanks for the quick response. I activated the Kernel Mini Dump as you recommended. Futhermore I deactivated the Auto-restart-Option. The result remains to been seen...

I'll keep this post updated.


Neither server hosts any Realt-Time AV application.


In the meanwhile I identified a possible problem due to the RAID-controller or its driver. Investigations have been started...




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Sorry Alex,


for my late answer I was very busy at work.

What´s about the Raid-Controller is it a WHQL (microsoft tested) ?


Have you solved the problem?

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