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Unterschied 2k3-Server und Storage Server 2003 ?

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Hallo Leute,


kann mir jemand in einfachen Worten den Unterschied zwischen den beiden Serverversionen erklären ??


Das der StorageServer für NAS gedacht ist, bzw. ein NAS-Server ist .. das ist mir klar.


Aber wo liegen denn die Unterschiede zu der "normalen" Serverversion ?


Man kann ja z.b. auch nicht jeden Patch, welcher für W2k3 Server freigegeben ist, auf einem 2003-Storage Server installieren ..


Bitte um Hilfe, bin trotz stundenlanger Recherche nicht dahinter gekommen :confused:

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Hab da noch etwas bei einem Anbieter von Storage-Produkten gefunden ...

Zitat Raidzone FAQ

"The operating system used on the RAIDZONE Storewidth NAS product line is called Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2003. It is an OEM version of Windows 2003 Server that differs mainly in its End User License Agreement (EULA). Specifically, no client access licenses are required for Windows Storage Server 2003. This makes it particularly attractive when you have no Windows application server on your network, and in mixed environments where connecting NFS or Apple computers to a Windows 2003 Server would be problematic. As a tradeoff for this concession, the EULA requires that a system running Windows Storage Server 2003 can only be used as a file server. No application software can run on the NAS (e.g. database, email server, etc.); it cannot run Authentication Service functionality (e.g. act as a domain controller); it cannot be a print server; it cannot provide network infrastructure services (e.g. DNS server, WINS, primary DHCP server, etc.); and it cannot run Network Load Balancing Services.


In addition to these licensing differences, Windows Storage Server 2003 provides kernel-level snapshot software that allows you to automatically save versions of changing files. As well, it also provides a fairly complete set of Unix utilities, along with Microsoft’s versions of NFS client and server software. The RAIDZONE Storewidth NAS includes all of this extra software at no additional cost to our customers."

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Der letzte Beitrag zu diesem Thema ist mehr als 180 Tage alt. Bitte überlege Dir, ob es nicht sinnvoller ist ein neues Thema zu erstellen.

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