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ScannServer Axis und LDAP

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kenne mich ein wenig mit LDAP aus (JB Scripte).


Wie kann ich einen ScannServer von Axis an einen SBS 2003 per Ldap anbinden um die User auszulesen.


Ich bekomme als Fehlermeldung:

Ungültiger Berechtigungsnachweis für LDAP (z.B. ungültiger Anwender oder Passwort)


Die Einrichtung:


Alle User aus der OU=Datev sollen ausgelesen werden


Diese Optionen gibt es auszufüllen:


LDAP Server:

Port Number: 389

User: cn=Administrator, o=imperium, c=local

Password: XXX

Confirm: XXX

Name Field: cn

E-mail Field: mail

Search Base: ou=datev, o=imperium, c=local


Reload Interval: 12


Vieleicht kennt sich ja einer von den Profis da aus.


Da ist noch die Online Hilfe:


External Address Book via LDAP (e-mail destinations only)

Select this option to retrieve an external address book from an LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) server. Check the AXIS 70U Support Web for more information on the settings for your specific LDAP server.

LDAP Server - Specify the name or IP address of the LDAP server.

Port Number - Specify the number of the TCP/IP port.

User - Specify the name for logging on to the LDAP server, e.g. cn=name, o=company name, c=country code. If left blank, no authorization will be attempted. If the contents in this field does not include a "=" or a comma, the string "cn=" is automatically added to the beginning of the contents.

Password - Specify the password for logging on to the LDAP server. If the User field is left blank, this setting will be ignored.

Confirm - Confirm the password to make sure the spelling is correct.

Name Field - Specify the name of the field that contains the destination name.

E-mail Field - Specify the name of the field that contains the e-mail address.

Search Base - Specify where to begin the search, e.g. o=company name, c=country code

Filter - Specify an LDAP filter in order to reduce the length of the destination list. The filter can be a real LDAP filter, e.g. (givenName=*). You can also specify a list of conditions, e.g. mail=adm*,telephoneNumber=+1 800*. In this case, the AXIS 70U will generate a real LDAP filter.

Reload Interval - Specify how often the external addresses are reloaded. The value is specified in whole hours, and the default is 12 hours.

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