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auf Licencing Server 2000 - Cals für Terminal Server 2003 Installieren? geht das?

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Lerne gerade folgende Frage:


You are the network administrator for Examsheets.net. The network consists of a single Active Directory forest that contains two domains. You have not modified the default Active Directory site configurations.


The functional level of both domains is Windows 2000 native. Servers run either Windows Server 2003 or Windows 2000 Server.


Examsheets’s internal domain is named Examsheets.local. Examsheets’s external domain is named extranet.Examsheets.net The external domain is accessed only by Examsheets’s business partners.


You install a Windows Server 2003 computer named Examsheets7 in the extranet.Examsheets.net domain.


You install and configure Terminal Services on Examsheets7. Examsheets7 is configured as a member server in the domain. You install a secure database application on Examsheets7 that will be accessed by Examsheets’s business partners.


A few months later, users report that they can no longer establish Terminal Services session to Examsheets7.


You verify that only the default ports for HTTP, HTTPS, and Terminal Services on your firewall are open to the Internet.


You need to ensure that Examsheets’s business partners can establish Terminal Services sessions to Examsheets7.


What are two possible ways to achieve this goal?

(Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two)



Mein Dozent meint, das man den Terminal server Licencing Server entweder auf einem 2000 oder 2003 Server installieren soll - alle in der Domäne extranet.Examsheets.net


Ich hätte einen Terminal Service Licencing Server in extranet.Examsheets.net auf 2003 und einen in Examsheets.local Installiert (auch 2003)


Denn ich habe hier gelesen, das ich auf einem 2000 erver gar keinen 2003 Server Cals Installieren kann:




A Windows Server 2003-based terminal server communicates only with a Windows Server 2003- based Terminal Server License Server. You cannot install Windows Server 2003 TS CALs on a Windows 2000-based Terminal Server License Server. When you upgrade Windows 2000-based terminal servers to Windows Server 2003, you must install and activate Windows Server 2003

Terminal Server License Server or upgrade an existing Windows 2000 License Server to Windows Server 2003. Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server License Servers can communicate with both Windows 2000-based and Windows Server 2003-based terminal servers. When you deploy Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services in a Windows 2000 domain, you have the following licensing options:

Upgrade existing Windows 2000 domain controllers that host the Windows 2000 license server to Windows Server 2003 domain controllers.

Install Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server License Server on a member server that is running Windows Server 2003.

Demote the Windows 2000-based license server to a member server, upgrade this computer to Windows Server 2003, and then add additional domain controllers as required.

Windows Server 2003-based terminal servers can automatically discover a Terminal Server License Server that is installed on a member server that is running Windows Server 2003 and that is configured as an Enterprise License Server in the Active Directory directory services site.

With the release of the Terminal Services Advanced Client (TSAC) as a ValueAdd component on Microsoft Windows® 2000 Server, Service Pack 1, the Terminal Services solution is now extended to the Web. For example, organizations needing to deploy line of business applications to remote offices can do so by means of a Terminal server and a Web server running ASP pages, such as the sample pages supplied with the TSAC. On the client side, all that is needed is Internet Explorer, a connection to the World Wide Web, and appropriate access rights, however this is not applicable in this scenario.

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Der letzte Beitrag zu diesem Thema ist mehr als 180 Tage alt. Bitte überlege Dir, ob es nicht sinnvoller ist ein neues Thema zu erstellen.

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