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Cisco 836 config for T-COM internet

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I'm trying to configure a Cisco 836 router (ADSLoISDN) but have some questions, i'm not known with configuring a router for a german i'net (T-COM).



What PVC should I use, i've tried 1/32



What is the DSL operating mode, i've tried Dsl operating-mode annexb-ur2



Do I need to use PPPoE ?



Which authentication should I use, CHAP, PAP ?

I've got a mail from t-com.net which gives me my 'Benutzername' 5TBRXXXXXXXX and 'Kennwort' 122XXXXX, but I think this is not the right for establish a internet connection, and what is the right syntax.


Normally you've got something like xxxxx@provider.xx but I don't know for T-COM.


It would be great when somebody can help me or post a working config for T-COM


Thanks in advance.

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At first you will need your account informations


Vor DSL @ t-com you will get a number like 0123455656656#0001@t-online.de

number is a combination of both numbers you will get if u have an contract @ t-com.

#0001 means, that you are the mainuser, @t-online.de is neccessary in cause of user verification.


it is called like that:


interface Dialer1


ip address negotiated




ppp pap authentication

ppp pap sent-username 123456789#0001@t-online.de password xxxx


I guess´, that i have seen a right configuration on this forum.





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