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Shares via Kommandozeile oder Reg-Key setzen

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kann man via Registry Key oder KommandozeilenBefehl einen

neuen Share setzen?


W2000 Server


vielen Dank vorab

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Net shareManages shared resources. Used without parameters, net share displays information about all of the resources that are shared on the local computer.



net share [shareName] net share [shareName=Drive:Path [{/users:Number | /unlimited}] [/remark:"Text"] [/cache: {manual | automatic | no}]] net share [shareName [{/users:Number | unlimited}] [/remark:"Text"] [/cache: {manual | automatic | no}]] net share [{ShareName | Drive:Path} /delete]




Specifies the network name of the shared resource. Type net share with a ShareName to display information about that share only.


Specifies the absolute path of the directory to be shared.


Sets the maximum number of users who can simultaneously access the shared resource.


Specifies an unlimited number of users who can simultaneously access the shared resource.


Adds a descriptive comment about the resource. Enclose the text in quotation marks.


Enables offline client caching with manual reintegration.


Enables offline client caching with automatic reintegration.


Disables caching.


Stops sharing the shared resource.

net help Command

Displays Help for the specified net command.


To share a directory with a path that contains a space, enclose the drive and the path of the directory in quotation marks (for example, "C:\Path Name").

When you display all the shared resources on a computer, the share name of each resource, the device names or path that are associated with the resource, and a descriptive comment about the resource appear. The output is similar to the following:


Sharename Resource Remark


ADMIN$ C:\WINNT Remote Admin

C$ C:\ Default Share for Internal Use


IPC$ Remote IPC

LASER LPT1 Spooled Laser printer


As you create shares on a server, they are saved. When you stop the Server service, all shares are disconnected, but they are reconnected automatically when the computer is restarted. For more information about services, see Related Topics.

Shared resource names that end in a $ character do not appear when you browse the local computer from a remote computer. For more information, see see Related Topics.


To display information about shared resources on the local computer, type:


net share


To share a computer's C:\Data directory with the share name DataShare and include a remark, type:


net share DataShare=c:\Data /remark:"For department 123."


To stop sharing the DataShare folder you created in the previous example, type:


net share DataShare /delete


To share a computer's C:\Art Lst directory with the share name List, type:


net share list="c:\art lst"

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oder in kurzform:


net share "freigabename"=pfad


z.b.: net share "test"=c:\test


gruss, gr@mlin

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