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IP May not be configured in L2 Links

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Hi guys.Need your help!!!Got a router for a day cisco , and was tasked to connect the router through a router that is Magenta Router and Cisco Router. I also connected a switch which comes from cisco. Tried to configure cisco router , 2 interfaces.INSIDE - OUTSIDE. When I try to configure INSIDE routing does not work. Writes Ip may not to be configured in L2 links.When I do it through a Vlan that is configured on the inside Routing in Vlan then works but can not go to Cisco router and also can ping Magenta router although in VLAN they are in different networks.What to do? My task from work is as follows:
1)Connect everything and configure 3 networks.
2)1 Network PC PHONE WIFI
4)3 WIFI network Guests

Help me please how to do it?
For example :
1) network
2) network

3 Networks should be on the Cisco Router.The Magenta Router is just WAN

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