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Tolle neue Features von MS Internet Explorer 6

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Geschrieben 04. Oktober 2001 - 08:47

Hi folks,

Winzigweich aka Microsoft übertrifft sich immer wieder selbst!

So urteilte die Fachpresse anläßlich der Einführung des IE6 beispielsweise in diesem Beitrag (http://www.infoworld...803hnmsgold.xml):

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 goes gold

By Matt Berger
August 3, 2001 4:39 pm PT


IE 6 is the successor to IE 5.5, the current version of Microsoft's Web browser. New features include Microsoft's Media Bar, which is a panel running down the side of the browser that displays links to audio and video content on the Web. IE 6 will also sport an updated user interface that matches the look of Windows XP. Other features include an image toolbar designed to make it easier for users to save, e-mail, and print images from the Web, and a new error dialogue box when the browser crashes or freezes up, Microsoft has said.


(Anm.: Hervorhebungen vom Autor dieses Beitrages) :D :D :D