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Exchange Server 2007 and 2010 PowerShell Scripts

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Lorie’s PowerShell Scripts (written for Exchange 2007):

DB-State-ExchangeReport.ps1 – Report on DB Usage Statistics for Mailbox Sizes Per DB
disablePOP.ps1 – Disable POP access For All Users without Custom Attribute 10 Set to POP
DynamicGroupDump.ps1 – Get list of Dynamic Groups and membership
ExchangeInstall_MB.ps1 – This script will install Exchange 2007 as Mailbox Role -NO CCR (can be edited to install any role)
ExchangeReport.ps1 – Generate Report of Exchange Statistics
get-DisconnectedMailboxes.ps1 – Get list of disconnected mailboxes
MailboxUsageReport.ps1 – This script uses EWS to report on mailbox usage
MoveMailbox-Criteria-PerHost.ps1 – Script to move mailboxes based on size criteria
Read file, set additional SMTP address.ps1 – Read file, set additional SMTP address
Search.Message>logs.ps1 – Check tracking logs for email sent by a user

Lindsey’s PowerShell Scripts (Written for Exchange 2010):

CheckDiskSpace.ps1 – Notify if C:\ gets below 50GB on any mailbox server in DAG
CheckRBACRoles.ps1 – Check to see if anyone is in Discovery Mgmt or Mailbox Import/Export Roles and reports
EmailAddressCleanup.ps1 – Email Address Cleanup for Mailbox and Distribution Lists
Preinstall_Script.ps1 – Pre-Install Script for Exchange
RemoveIISLogs.ps1 – Delete CAS IIS logs older than 30 days