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OpenSource Gateway E-Mail Verschüsselung und Signierung

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Servus liebe Kollegen,


auf der Suche nach einer Lösung zur Zentralen E-Mail Verschüsselung bin ich auf dieses tolle OpenSource Projekt gestoßen:

Djigzo Open Source Email Encryption - Centrally managed open source email encryption at the gateway level and on mobile devices


Our flagship product is the DJIGZO Email Encryption Gateway. This product can be integrated with your existing email infrastructure, or it can be used as a stand-alone email server.


DJIGZO Email Encryption Gateway currently supports two encryption standards: S/MIME and PDF encrypted email. S/MIME provides authentication, message integrity and non-repudiation (using X.509 certificates) and protection against message interception. S/MIME uses public key encryption (PKI) for encryption and signing. PDF encryption can be used as a lightweight alternative to S/MIME encryption. PDF allows you to decrypt and read encrypted PDF documents. PDF documents can even contain attachments embedded within the encrypted PDF. The password for the PDF can be manually set per recipient or a password can be randomly generated. The generated password can then be automatically delivered to the recipient via an SMS Text message or, the password can be sent back to the sender of the message.


DJIGZO Email Encryption Gateway has a built-in CA which can be used to issue X.509 certificates for internal and external users. The external users can use the certificates with any S/MIME capable email client like Outlook, Outlook express, Lotus Notes, Thunderbird, Gmail etc.


The built-in Data Leak Prevention (DLP) module can be used to prevent certain information to leave the organization via email.


DJIGZO can be installed on most Linux and Unix based systems. Installation packages are available for Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat and CentOS. A ready to run virtual appliance for VMware and Hyper-V is available.


Die Doku ist absolut Lobenswert weil richtig schön vollständig und verständlich.

Wir haben das System mal in eine Testumgebung installiert.


Dazu ein Workshop im Admin-Magazin: Workshop: Automatische E-Mail-Verschlüsselung mit Djigzo


Beste Grüße


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Rechtschreibfehler im ersten Satz

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